Global Tele Clinics is an innovative health care service provider focused on holistic lifestyle care; delivered to you at the comforts of your home, by a combination of online consultations and home visits. We provide you access to world class Global Indian doctors, specialised in disease reversal. We conduct regular workshops and counselling on a subscription model to reverse your health condition over a period of 6 to 12 months. We bring focus back to physical, social and mental well being of individuals and family, through the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine (Nutrition, Stress & Anxiety, Exercise, addiction, social health and sleep).
In addition to disease reversal, we provide consultations to your family based on your specific needs, provide you access to specialist Global Indian Doctors for second opinion, supply medicines, devices and diagnostic reports at your doorstep, minimising your effort to visit clinics, pharmacies, and diagnostic centres. We are your ‘one stop’ for all your health care needs.



Murthy Gokula


Global Tele Clinics is revolutionising the healthcare industry by moving the discussion away from sick care. We are about to disrupt the health care industry through holistic lifestyle care approach; by changing lifestyle and habits of individuals and family through the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine.

We are not an intermediary healthcare platform provider. We are a solution provider. We have carefully designed our programs by considering the principles of lifestyle medicine. Our team of highly qualified doctors run programs all through the year, working with you closely, providing personal care, customising solutions specific to you and your family needs. Above all, helping you to reverse your health condition; thereby creating a healthier version of you!


Jhansi Laxmi G



Krishna Mohan


We are differentiated by the way we have designed our service around our core values. Through remote patient monitoring, we will be able to reduce your time and effort, provide effective personal care, remove multiple brokers, intermediaries for your health care requirements. We are truly a ‘one stop solution’ for all your health care needs.

India stands 2nd in diabetes and other chronic diseases. Study shows that we will have more people suffering from lifestyle related diseases by 2025, as we embrace sedentary lifestyle through increased access to technology, that would drastically shift our physical, social and mental well being. Health care sector is going through a big change. We can no longer approach health from the prism of sick care. Global Tele Clinics is looking to be the first mover of change, by bringing focus back to primary health and make India a healthier economic powerhouse.

Rohith K Hebbar

Rohith K Hebbar

VP - Business Development & Strategy